“Secrets to Saving Big on College”
by G. Stubblefield, M.A. 

Are you a parent worried about college costs? Do you want to learn the secrets of getting a quality education for less?

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  • Confidently navigate FAFSA, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities
  • Find hidden gems of colleges that offer quality education, low tuition, and generous aid
  • Win scholarships that match your child’s strengths
  • Negotiate with colleges to get the best deal possible and reduce your costs
  • Avoid common mistakes that can make college more expensive
  • Explore alternative pathways to a degree that can save you money and time

And much more!

You don’t have to settle for a college beyond your budget. Learn how to find the best deals on tuition, scholarships, and more!


About the Author

GILLIAN STUBBLEFIELD, M.A., is a seasoned college adviser, success coach, and author dedicated to helping students realize their college dreams without overwhelming student debt. Gillian helps families navigate the financial aid process to easily understand and manage college costs, ensuring their kids can find an affordable college option.

With over ten years spent educating families on financial aid, Gillian has become a trusted voice on scholarship strategies. Her commitment to guiding families away from the pitfalls of student loans is evident in her writing and advocacy in this field.

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