Scholarship Interview Guide

The Ultimate Scholarship Interview Guide: Key Tips to Ace the Interview

You’ve done your research. You’ve applied for as many scholarships as you could find that fit your educational plans. Yet, with each click of the “send” button or with each drop of another envelope into snail mail, your hopes — and nerves — soar. After all, who doesn’t long for free money to offset (or completely cover) the cost of a college degree?

Then you receive the good news! You’ve moved into the next phase of the scholarship process: the beloved interview process. Unfortunately, though this means you’re on the right track, your stomach is in knots, and those nerves you had during the application process have nothing on the pre-scholarship interview jitters.

We understand the anxiety students suffer from when facing scholarship interviews. We hope this guide will give you lots of practical scholarship interview tips to calm those nerves, shore up some communication skills, and ace the scholarship interview!

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