7 Things You’ll Absolutely Need For College

Last updated on - December 27, 2022

7 Things You’ll Absolutely Need For College

Whether you'll be living in a dorm or an apartment (or doing virtual college), you are probably wondering what to buy for college. Below is a list of eight essentials every college freshman should include in their shopping list. A couple items might not apply if you are attending college virtually.

In summary, they include: a reliable laptop, a planner, a multi-purpose water bottle, portable charger, card older, desk lamp, and a mini vacuum cleaner. And, oh yes, masks.

1. S'well Water Bottle

S'well water bottle is an invaluable must-have for college.

These bottles are nothing short of amazing. They are designed to keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

What's more, you can use it for both smoothies and tea when studying late in the library (or at home).

You might find having one comes in very handy.

2. Portable Charger

This is another valuable accessory very college freshman needs for campus life. If you are out and about, it's apparent that you are going to have less time to charge your phone.

Also, if you don't have an extra-long charger, you may be inconvenienced when you have to use your phone while it's charging. With this portable charger, you can be the sloth you want to be in bed, on your phone, while it's charging.

3. Card Holder

A cardholder is a must-have, especially when you don't feel like lugging around a wallet or pocketbook.

No one wants to carry around their wallet with them virtually everywhere they have to go. Sometimes you just don't want to carry anything if you're just out there jogging or visiting a friend in the neighborhood. These cardholders come in handy when you're going out and only want to carry the essentials. You can easily store your ID and possibly a debit/credit card and access them quickly when you need to.

4. Desk Lamp

Your overhead lamp gets no just suffice when you need to study comfortably. This is where your desk lamp comes in handy.

Some campus room lighting can be dim or too bright. Therefore, getting yourself a desk lamp will save you unnecessary strain.

5. Planner

You could be thinking, "I don't really think I need this, I can remember virtually everything if I opt to commit it to memory."

The bad news is that we all forget and even more prone to forgetting when we have several tasks at hand. As a college freshman, you will have your hands full with a new routine, new surroundings and new classes. Even if you are doing college virtually, a planner can still come in handy.

At some point in time, you'll be bombarded with assignments and events/activities for student organizations. It's going to be very hard to try to remember it all, and it can put you under unnecessary stress if you forget.

Save yourself the stress, get a planner, and your life will be so much simpler!

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6. Laptop

I'd recommend investing in a good laptop that will last you your entire college career. That way, you save yourself the hustle of having to acquire a second laptop during your campus life.

Your laptop will be vital in your daily campus life activities like studying, researching, doing assignments, submitting class projects, and even entertainment.

I had a cheap one during my freshman year, and I had to get a new one because it stopped working. Ever since I've got a Mac, I've never and will never look back!

7. Small Vacuum

If you're going to be living on campus, you absolutely need a vacuum!

A mini vacuum cleaner to help you keep your room neat and tidy.

You're going to spill your food on the floor every now and then. You'll also have room checks, so you'll definitely need this mini vacuum!


Whether you are doing college virtually or in-person, creating a space to study and stay organized and healthy will help you succeed. Remember to wear your mask, socially distance and stay safe.


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